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beautiful_cos's Journal

Beautiful Because...
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This is a community in which you can post reasons that you're beautiful. not because you're conceited but because everyone is unique and amazing but sometimes they forget that. whether others say good or bad things about you the most important thing is how you see yourself. everyone needs to learn to see the goodness within themselves, even if it's the things everyone else classes as ugly. maybe especially those.
you are beautiful, even if you don't always see it yourself.

I was inspired to make this community by Belle Tudor, someone who posted about it in a TWLOHA page on facebook.
you can post anyhting from
'i am beautiful becuase i have nice eyes'
'i am beautiful because my cuts are healing'
to just simply
'i am beautiful because my cat loves me'
any little thing to remind yourself how amazing you are.

Beauty is everywhere, so lets start with you.